Welcome to my world of sounds!

Welcome to the realm of sounds, diversity and visions -

I invite you to my very personal cosmos of sounds, rhythms and tones!

Let's open the door and let's see what's behind it!

"Nothing else matters" - Miko´s Special Version for church organ, Piano and Synthesizer

In the concert, the creative joy leaps over to the audience and we have a wonderful shared experience.

Organ, piano, synthesizer, the church as a sound space, form an inspiring unit with the musician and the audience,

that you will not soon forget. That is my experience of many concerts.

It's a bit like "Alice in Wonderland", where you find yourself in a world full of surprising encounters.

The surprise opens up the mind and enables us to have wonderful experiences.

Nothing else happens if we e.g. listen to hard rock on the church organ or baroque music on the synthesizer: an eye-opening experience. sound magic that arouses enthusiasm and curiosity.

Click here for pianoday!

And here my special song for pianoday, also to be heard in the Soundcloud Playlist 2021, online from 28.03.2021