My relationship with the organ

On the Rieger-Organ in the

St. Pauls Church in Dortmund

in 2011 I recorded two of the compositions of my

CD "Sounds and Visions".

This organ has a wonderfully romantic sound!

The Führer-Organ in the

St. Anthony's Church in Herten (North Rhine-Westphalia)

"For me, the purpose of the sounds is to arouse enthusiasm and the urge to explore.

A living matter that revitalizes itself again and again while listening and playing!!"

On the Eisenbarth-Organ in

St. Lambertus Church in Castrop-Rauxel I recorded

most of the tracks of my

CD "Sounds and Visions"

in 2011.

"I approach the organ

and she gives me her sounds!"

I've always had this feeling with this wonderful instrument. Each organ is unique in its space - whether church, concert hall, university or monastery.

Each instrument has different conditions and possibilities and the relationship to each organ is different!

Exploring this has always been a lot

of fun for me.

At the Klais-Organ in the "Audimax" at the Bochum University I often gave concerts.

Organ music against Exam stress was the motto here. 

The wonderful thing about this little Klop-Organ in Barnstorf in Lower Saxony (district Diepholz) is that it is made entirely of cedar wood manufactured from Lebanon. This makes a wonderfully soft and rich sound!

The Führer-Organ in the

St. Magni Church

in Braunschweig

At the Steinmeyer-Organ in the Trinity Church in Nuremberg

The Metzler-Organ in Biel (CH) with 49 sounding registers includes a wind-dynamic organ that offers an inspiring variety of sounds. 

The listed Kuhn-Organ from 1925, ref. Citychurch Solothurn (CH)